Besides work on my blog, I'm also available for writing work.

Past assignments have seen me doing straight investigative journalism, guest-writing on subjects such as photography and film-making, and editorial work. I have also undertaken sponsored posts on my blog, but only in situations that I believe there is really something interesting to write about.

My writing work extends to other mediums, with photography and filming sometimes taking a part in my coverage. I am trained in the use of most industry-standard photography and filming equipment, and also have some of my own.

I also have experience in more behind-the-scenes writing work, such as SEO-enhanced copywriting for a number of large reputable companies such as eBay, as well as general industry advice for upcoming bloggers and website launches.

I appreciate that every job has its own size and needs, and I am even willing to work for free on briefs that interest me. Please, don't hesitate to contact me at: