Tuesday, 7 June 2011

How to Lose Friends (And Gain Better Ones)

Granted, I've never been exceptional at making friends.

Although I'm quite good at losing them.

And so, going into my teens with a great want for company and people to talk to, I rushed to what seemed like the most obvious option - Facebook. Looking back, Facebook is now less of a friend-making facility, but more of a good way to communicate with friends you already have, as well as being a socially acceptable addiction.

But it wasn't really enough.

I have my friends, and they're all awesome and good for me in their different special ways, whether it's providing hugs and sympathy when I'm being pathetic, or providing fellowship and arguments when I'm drunk, but I'm guilty of wanting different people. There was a type missing.

I read a lot of books, and learn lots of clever stuff from the internet, stuff that I sometimes feel like I have to pack up all the smart stuff in a little mental box and keep it until I get to snooty English discussions at University.

Then I blogged.

And although it's not as if I was instantaneously surrounded by part-time librarians, I now know more people, interesting people, and to put it in context, I'm going to have tea and scones with the rather beautiful blogger Tegan on Toast and her boyfriend tomorrow.

How did I get this subject? Why am I posting twice in one day?!
In short, I was shown this video by my bi-curious-ginger-friend, and although you might not make the connection, it made me think of you guys.

(And before sexually confused people ask, yes, I'm bisexual, and yes, those dudes are attractive.)

Thanks Everyone!


  1. oh, you make me blush!
    but Mike didn't reply to my text, so he may well be asleep at 2pm... BUT THAT'S WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT! RISK! xx

  2. I've met some really good friends through blogging. In fact, some of them are better than my IRL friends.

    But anyways, have you ever seen the film A Home At The End of The Universe?

    I think you would like it.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion (Bookish?) I'll, be sure to check that out!