Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Wombles of Wimbledon Common Are We

So I said to a few people (Enough to start a military coup if it got out of hand. Maybe.) that when my blog got to a thousand views I would post something about my book. A book, may I add, that is coming along slower than a snail that's been caught in traffic due to an untimely road-traffic-accident involving a large heavy, hard to move object, but it is somewhat moving.

So, not wanting to cause any kind of coup d'etat, I shall indulge you.

Having been in this glorious country (England) for quite a while now, and having my (To say the least) interesting hobby of people watching, you seem to notice that the people of this nation are somewhat - insane.

Whether its dressing up as batman and chaining themselves to the Queens residence, or dressing up in a pink tutu and nothing else, despite being a 40 year old man, the British public have never ceased to amaze in everything that is weird, mad, bad, and completely ludicrous.

And for what reason? Because life's too boring. Douglas Adams did it best when he chronicled an Englishman going into space in his night-clothes, and queuing and complaining at every given obstacle, because that's what Englishmen do. They get sick at life, but they carry on.

And so, the aptly named 'Sick.' chronicles the people of England, in a variety of short stories. The accidents, the inconveniences, the inevitabilities, and the humour behind it all, that stops us from dying off and/or topping ourselves.

This all came to mind, in a small example, as I was sent an article, aptly entitled 'Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis regrets Wombles booking'. If you don't find that funny enough as it is, or don't know what Glastonbury is or what the Wombles are, I suggest you click here to read the article.

'Sick' should be available around October time, with free yet awful postal services and the neat-o price of £7.00 sterling ($11.60).


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