Monday, 28 March 2011

Belieb it or not, you have 'Bieber Fever'

Now, I’m as sick of teen-pop-sensation Justin Bieber as the next guy, but as the cloned opinion goes, probably for different reasons. But it was when my three-year-old niece was dancing round the living room singing ‘Baby’ that I stopped myself from cursing internally, and asked myself – what exactly is ‘Bieber fever’?

Well after a quick Google search and swift look around You-Tube, I gathered that to have ‘Bieber Fever’ as it were, is to be obsessed with him. Most people who suffer from this supposed ‘illness’ (?) seem to be young girls like my niece, all the way up to teenagers of about my age. But the way I look at it, a large majority of his ‘haters’ seem to have the condition as well.

As a certain American businessman by the name of Phineas Taylor Barnum once said:
 “Any publicity is good publicity”
And this certainly has worked for Bieber. After a 2010 ploy to make his video for ‘Baby’ the most disliked video on You-Tube, a dedicated group of Justin Bieber haters (Only a word away from dedicated Justin Bieber fans) managed to get it to 1.1 million dislikes. However with all the people watching to dislike and checking how many it has, this plan backfired, giving Bieber almost 500,000,000 views.

But this illogical bout of dislike is not the only thing that gets on my nerves about this kid. It’s the fact that on almost every single music video on You-Tube, even as far out as classical music, there will undoubtedly be a moronic comment about how ‘Justin Bieber could never do this’ or ‘Justin Bieber sucks in comparison’, which, in turn, spreads the word of who Bieber is, and gives him even more publicity.

So the next time you think, ‘I hate Justin Bieber with all of my heart’, remember, you are just as sad as his fans.