Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What's 'new' about the News?

As an educated and participating member of society (Whatever the hell that is) it seems to almost be my duty (Alongside the fact that I have nothing better to do) to sit down after my dinner and watch the evening news and to discuss it with my overtly Conservative and moustachioed Father.

Due to recent events, the National news seems to do its regular charade of babbling about how doomed things are and generally not doing much to help the cause, but around one centrally related topic - Japan. Now I'm all for helping poor countries (After all I did spend three weeks in Africa doing just so last Summer) but when I sit down to watch the news I almost haphazardly assume that it's, you know, new?

So, foolishly, I turned to the local news for a dosage of factual enlightenment. Now the local news isn't as bad as the National, particularly after a natural disaster, as it habitually shuts out current events in an 'ignorance is bliss' kind of manner, but in a way, what they do is much much worse.

It seems that everyday around here there's a new murder, missing person, rape, or paedophile ring, anyone would think it was becoming fashionable to be a criminal. And so, charismatic presenter Fred Dimbleby, with his bumbling chuckle and warm smile turns stone-faced and serious, bringing the fear, just that step closer, to home.

- Lewis

(Yet another extract from the rambling book)

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