Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I Resent those who Present Me

I've got a confession to make. Nothing sordid (Or stationary related for that matter), just a little confession to something that's probably not too healthy. I spend far too much time on You-Tube. Whether it's clicking through the 'related videos' list until my eyes bleed from funny videos of cats, or watching 15 minute physics lectures with Carl Sagan, there always seems to be something on that damned site that catches my fancy (And usually keeps me from working).

But the other day, I spotted something on You-Tube that really got my metaphorical goat.

Now, I'm (Admittedly a very open minded) Christian, but my ever philosophical eyes are always hypothetically maced when they see the words Westboro, Baptist, and Church waved in front of them in like a brightly coloured attention seeking banner.

In case you were blissfully unaware, the Westboro Baptist Church is an 'organisation', run by the ever backwards and narrow-minded inhabitants of the Bible-bashing Southern States of America. These public condemning country-folk have found their way to the title of 'Most Hated Family in America' by foolishly misinterpreting religious texts, picketing the funerals of dead servicemen, and mocking the very country that willingly defends them.

But believe it or not, its not their out-of-line attention seeking that gets me, not even the self-deprecating manner in which their government deals with them. Its how people put two and two together and get six, assuming that somehow, due to these moronic inbred's calling themselves Christians, that I yield the same opinions that they do.

Now if you hold the same amount of brain-cells as some of these block headed Atheists, you might be shocked to discover that, being a bisexual myself, I don't share the opinion that 'God Hates Fags', and coming from a long line of soldiers, I don't believe that 'A dead soldier is a good soldier'. So, 'XxxMaggotxForeverxxX', when you quite obtusely state that 'all religious nut-jobs should be shot', I think I'm  fully in my right to tell you to go and shove your opinions, up your anus.

- Lewis

(Yet another extract from the rambling book)


  1. was the stationary related thing aimed at mark by any chance?

  2. I don't know WHAT you're talking about...